Storytelling at The ClubHouse

Storytelling at ClubHouse

Storytelling kicked off 2010 at CarriageWorks in Performance Space’s metaphorical new arts treehouse the ClubHouse.

International guest DeAnne Smith, comedian and founder of Montreal’s own storytelling series TaleSpin launched the event with the opening story of 2010.  DeAnne shared a story of animal welfare gone if not wrong, slightly askew, about a lame and dying cat that DeAnne took in for palliative care, which then wouldn’t die.

DeAnne Smith (Canada)

Due to a punishing touring schedule with the Wharf Revue, actress, songtress, comedienne and storyteller Virginia Gay graced us on her one night off (thanks). Virginia had planned to deliver what she called a ‘series of vignettes tied together by a framework on a central theme’ but abandoned this in favour of a ‘dirty story’. We don’t kiss and tell. You had to be there.

Virginia Gay

Whilst we have no photographic evidence of Amelia Jane Hunter‘s story, there’s a whole television series on the subject somewhere. Amelia’s cautionary tale offered the moral that participation in Reality TV is a momentary lapse of intelligence. Yes, Amelia was a real life participant on an abandoned on an island, survivor style reality TV show, and this was the dirty tell all inside story of the very real atrocities of reality TV.

As the final storyteller of the night we welcomed the encore of Marc Carra‘s hit story from the very small very first Storytelling event which was held in an attic boardoom at Newtown RSL in 2005. Once again a hit, it remained popular for the humor and honesty in this story about a very hard day as a life model.

Marc Carra

Storytelling features a special musical guest in every show, and it was a distinct honour to welcome the amazing package that is the narrative songwriting ability, sweet voice and instrumental talent of Cody Dillon for the launch of Storytelling for 2010; especially exciting because we’d courted him since spotting him in the Lolo Lovina caravan at High & Dry Festival the year before. Cody’s songs were intertwined among the storytellers, and included an improvised story rap accompanied by a recently acquired sampling machine.

Cody Dillon

Long time friend of Storytelling Kate Worsley graciously hosted the inaugural event of 2010.

Kate Worsley


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