Campfire Collective go camping at Peats Ridge this NYE

After lapping up the awesomeness of Peats Ridge Festival in 2009 (Thundamentals, The Panics and Vic’s Disco were real highlights for us) we are thrilled to be presenting two Campfire Collective events at Peats Ridge Festival in 2010.

Campfire Stories is the festival outing of our cult hit Sydney series, Storytelling, which received a Time Out Critics Choice earlier this year and has played at The Sydney Fringe Festival, Sydney Comedy Festival and Performance Space in 2010. Real people tell true stories of their own lives, live on stage.

Plus, Campfire Comedy hits the stage of the Boudoir De La Fox theatre tent for a session of comedy love as Sydney’s hottest alternative and underground comedians pack their rucksacks full of the ha ha, stepping out of the comedy club and into the tent at Peats Ridge Festival.

If you’re thinking of checking out Peats Ridge Festival this year, do it! If you’ve heard good things about Peats Ridge Festival, it’s all true. If you’ve not heard anything about Peats Ridge Festival, you’re missing out. Get along to and get your tickets because they’re going fast.


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