It’s About Freakin’ Time DeAnne Smith came back

DeAnne Smith About Freakin' Time

DeAnne Smith About Freakin' Time

We’re pretty happy that our favourite comedienne, ukelelist, storyteller and friend DeAnne Smith will be back in Sydney in May with her new show About Freakin’ Time which is all about the fourth dimension (time) and god, vengeful dolphins, and getting older. Campfire Collective is presenting DeAnne at Sydney Comedy Festival from May 4-7 at Seymour Centre. Seymour has seen some great moments in comedy in the last year and a bit with Sydney Festival shows like Perrier Award winner Tim Key, Issy Suttie (Peep Show‘s Dobby), and recently This American Life and The Moth star Mike Birbiglia so it’ll be cool to back it up in May with another world class treat in the teensy shape of DeAnne.

DeAnne Smith at A Mic in Hand

DeAnne Smith at A Mic in Hand

DeAnne is really good. She doesn’t tell stupid jokes. She tells funny clever jokes, good stories and plays funny cute songs on the ukelele. She’s been called nerdy and dirty and sometimes we have to agree with that. Time Out Sydney named her 2010 show Ballsy one of the top three comedy shows of 2010. She won the Best Newcomer at Sydney Comedy Festival a few years ago with her debut Shouting Over Drunks.

She’s a busy lady too; she’s just previewed this show in Montreal, hopped on a plane to Australia to do Adelaide Fringe then Melbourne Comedy Festival then she’ll be in Sydney. She also runs lots of really hip cult shows in Montreal and around Canadia, such as Girl on Girl on Girl three girl stand up show, Stand Up Strip Down stand up meets burlesque, Tale Spin storytelling show and she also recently performed in a comedy cous cous show which we understand involves both comedy and cous cous.

The show is on sale soon so follow Campfire Collective on twitter for the announcement.

We’d also recommend checking out Other People’s Problems which will be playing right before DeAnne’s show every night. The captivating Sarah Quinn comically and emotionally destroys in this one woman satirical take on the self-improvement industry. DeAnne wrote one of the bits, screenwriter Samuel Booth wrote another and the critically-acclaimed Quinn wrote the rest. The show premiered at Adelaide Fringe in 2009 to rave reviews and then went on to a sell-out season in Montreal, Canada. We saw it in Adelaide and it was great.

Here’s a clip of DeAnne doing her stuff at the Comedy Store last Christmas:

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