Storytelling finally meets FBi’s All The Best!

All The Best FBi

All The Best FBi

This Saturday Campfire Collective featured on FBi’s stories of Sydney program, All The Best. When FBi were putting together this week’s show all about Failure, they asked us to trawl the annals of our live show Storytelling, which features real people telling true stories of their own lives; surely, there had to be a story of an epic fail in there somewhere. So we tracked down Jack Tsonis, an old friend from Mac Uni who was one of our very earliest storytellers with a beautiful tale of a huge fail he had while working at a Telstra store. Jack made a joke about a customer which went all the way to the desk of the CEO. This truly basic (but funny) joke became Telstra history; Jack later found out it was brought up on high level conference calls, and more. Jack recorded the story with FBi’s Jesse Cox on Friday for this week’s show and you can hear the whole thing here! Hey, if you like hearing stories there’s nothing quite like seeing someone tell you the whole thing in person – if you want to catch one of our live Storytelling shows with more great true stories, you can do so for only $10 next month at Imperial Panda Festival. More info.


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