Canada’s freshest* export makes Sydney debut at Corridor

*We’re yet to find a fresher Canadian than the excellent Christophe Davidson.

He’s never even been to Sydney. He’s been here about four days, and until last night he didn’t know he was making his Sydney debut on Saturday. That’s pretty fresh. Seeing as Campfire Collective have been rocking Corridor bar on King St with comedy for the last three weeks, we wanted to go out with a bang on our last night this Saturday 7th May, so we’ve asked Christophe to give Sydney his awesome show – Where’s My Vagina. After seeing this show at Melbourne Comedy Festival we decided it was a crime if Sydney never got the chance to see it.

It’s less about vaginas than you might think (but there is a little bit about vaginas which is very funny). It’s a personal and poignant show about how growing up surrounded by females shaped him into a hilarious, sensitive man who would rather make love than war. That last bit was blurb as you can tell, but it’s 100% true, I’ve seen this man dance and its a sensitive life affirming thing to witness, as is this truly very funny comedy show.

So, please join us for the best value international comedy show this season.

Christophe Davidson in Where’s My Vagina
Saturday 7th May, 6pm
Corridor, 153 King St, Newtown
Tickets $10 at the door,
or reserve your tickets here as seats are strictly limited

“Amazing…somehow dirty and refreshing all at once.” -Montreal Main

Four and a Half Stars – Talk Fringe, Adelaide Fringe Festival

“Davidson’s gentle nature makes a refreshing change from the usual, aggressive, in-your-face style of stand-up.” Adelaide Now, Adelaide Fringe. This is a good point, because Christophe’s not one of those pretty male model comedians pretending to be sensitive so as to semi date-abuse you later. 

This review mentioned that by being about Christophe being in touch with his feminine side that the show risked “coming across all preachy and possibly a little bit gay”. Uh oh. Irony? I don’t know. Despite this massive credibility kicker to the reviewer, it said nice things like “In reality, Davidson is a real man with sound thoughts of not only what women want, but blokes too and the results are pretty much on the mark and consistently amusing to say the least. From Viagra to waif models and conceited hot chicks to why we should celebrate monogamy with greeting cards Davidson knows the power of the vagina, and he’s not afraid to muse upon it. Good one.” Steve Jones, DB Magazine.


2 responses to “Canada’s freshest* export makes Sydney debut at Corridor

  1. Craig Edmondson

    I’ve written a whole swag of story songs about Sydney Characters like Bumper Farrell, Bea Miles, Madame Lash and Chesty Bond. I’m unique, boutique, heritage and I’m looking for new places and new audiences who might be into this stuff. I recnetly played at Surry Hills Library with Larry Writer who wrote the Bumper’s Biography. Sure beats playing in pubs.

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