Imperial Panda wrap up

So its been a while since Imperial Panda in March but we  just got our hands on the photos by the super talented Lucy Parakhina.

The  Helen- Rose Schausberger Laboratorium played host to storytellers Michael Workman, Kate Worsley, Marc Carra,  Annaliese Constable and Steve Hughes.

Michael Workman (who just won best new-comer at Melbourne International Comedy Festival for his show Humans are Beautiful yay!) told a story of growing up in Perth and dabbling in the occult in an abandoned cinema turned neo Nazi headquarters.

Kate Worsley (who will retell her story at the Surry Hills library next week) told a tale of five strange encounters leaving her to wonder if it was all coincidence or perhaps something to do with her.

Marc Carra added another chapter to his Helios Hotbags story intertwined with the tale of the love of his life and how it almost didn’t happen due to an absent minded landlord.

Annaliese Constable was a perfectly filthy close to a night of stories with brilliant stories of propositioning cab drivers, resulting in sex in graveyards and late night drop ins to her own house. Poetic and perverse!

The internationally acclaimed comedian Steve Hughes proved that old adage that truth beats fiction sharing the story of himself and then housemate and fellow comedian Jim Jeffries being tied up and held at machete point by home intruders. It was a cautionary tale – the law caught up with the bandits, and Hughes was  later admonished by the mother of one of the robbers at the court hearing “look what you’ve done to my son,” because they were stupid enough to be caught speeding in their own getaway car a couple of blocks away.

All in all a fun night. Thanks Imperial Panda.


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