Eastside Radio features Storytelling sneak peek today

This is Daniel Moore, host of Thursday’s Late Night Library Storytelling event. Dan will be on Eastside Radio 89.7FM today on Drive at 4:30pm chatting about himself and giving a few sneak peeks into tomorrow’s Storytelling show. The show is part of Late Night Library series at Surry Hills Library thanks to City of Sydney. The show features Daniel and storytellers Jennifer Wong, Michael Hing, Marc Carra, and Kate Worsley, telling true first hand stories of their own lives.

Now, about Daniel. Don’t worry, the fish isn’t real, and he didn’t eat it. We can’t be sure about the bread roll, though. Life’s pretty tough for a working comedian like Daniel. Tough but good! Daniel has just wrapped up smashing seasons at Melbourne and Sydney Comedy Festivals and we’re very pleased that at tomorrow’s show Daniel will share his story about the hilarious discrimination he encountered when trying to join a women’s athletic group. You’ll have to be there to hear it. Did we mention it’s FREE! All the details are here and please book because spaces are limited.

Tune in to Eastside Radio 89.7FM today at 4:30pm to hear a chat with Daniel Moore about Storytelling at Late Night Library.


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