Test Pattern Comedy

Special guest Michael Chamberlin will join Jen Wong and Daniel Moore at Test Pattern Comedy tonight.

You might recognise Michael from his many television appearances most notably as co-host of ‘The Mansion’ on the Comedy Channel and three seasons as a cast member of the popular Australia sketch show ‘skitHOUSE’. He has performed stand up on ‘Rove’ (Network TEN), ‘Stand Up’ (ABC TV), ‘Stand Up! Australia’ (The Comedy Channel) and best of all, made Bert laugh on ‘Good Morning Australia’ (Network TEN).

Michael’s writing highlights include being a core writer for ‘skitHOUSE’ but also a contributing writer for ‘Rove’ for five years until its conclusion in 2009.  He also spent a season working on Network TEN’s ‘Before The Game’.  In 2011, he can be found hanging out in the writers room for ABC TV’s Adam Hills In Gordon Street Tonight.

Surry Hills Library 9pm tonight.

More information about Late Night Library here


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