critical INKing at Late Night Library – it’s a wrap

Matte Rochford and Robbie Ho of Ex-Trendy kicked it off at last night’s Late Night Library for critical INKing, Campfire Collective’s talk on all things indie print, hand made print, DIY publishing and zines.

Ex Trendy have been described as Flight of The Conchords meets Laurie Anderson and if you missed them here, you should check out their show at The Sydney Fringe.

We heard from a fantastic broadly skilled brains trust last night starting with Pip Smith of Penguin Plays Rough telling us about the process of publishing her first book The Penguin Plays Rough Book of Short Stories which features some incredible bespoke design by Elise Santangelo and Stuart Hall and a slew of illustrators.

Newer kids on the block New Planes Public Press represented in the shape of Lisa Lerkenfeldt, trusted editor of the new broadsheet format paper that aims to give a voice to unrepresented/underrepresented voices. Get to the launch of issue 2 next Thursday if you’re not coming to our Food Blog event.

Vanessa Berry next shared a summary of her prolific zine work. Ten minutes could give us just a snapshot of the over 100 zines that Vanessa’s hand made over the last 15 years. A small selection of Vanessa’s zines were selling like hotcakes at the end of the night and Campfire Collective were lucky enough to scoop a vintage Vinnies Blue Ribbon edition, one of Vanessa’s zines charting her 90s adventures to every St Vincent De Paul Op Shop in Sydney.

Postcards from Paris were shared by the night’s final guest Fayroze Lutta. A fervent Gocco printer, when Fayroze went to Paris a few years ago there was never a question that she’d pack her Gocko printer, sewing machine and typewriter, the tools of Fayroze’s trade in making delicate quirky fabric zines. The trip spawned a handmade postcard project and aside from the aesthetic delight of the cards, Fayroze read a few of her personal, funny, sad, romantic postcards for us.

Cheers to all these talented printers, writers, makers, shakers for talking all things critical INKing. Come back for more talk next week as top food bloggers like Thang Ngo of Noodlies share their tips, stories, experiences and favourite food finds.

Ex Trendy closed it out with Textbook Store, kind of appropriate for a library, though it’s technically not a store.
Textbook Store by ex_Trendy


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