Storytelling 101 at Newtown Library

Tonight marked Campfire Collective’s workshop debut, presenting Storytelling 101 in the gallery at Newtown Library. Whether you were there, or you weren’t, here’s some of the stuff we covered.

The brain that tells itself stories

Once you’ve read it if you want to see a young Dr. Gazzaniga demonstrating the experiment in this rare documentary, start here at 6:45

And then years later a present Dr. Gazzaniga explaining the theory of The Interpreter – the brain function that seeks stories to explain our own actions.

Click here to download Lizz Winstead’s 25c spa story at itunes (free)

After tonight our follow up intensive Storytelling 102 is already full, but don’t worry all you aspiring storytellers, we’re already planning an overflow session in the first few weeks of June, and a showcase event in August to bring all the stories to a stage. So start mining for memories right now!

Story things that we like:
All The Best FBi Radio Podcast

The end of the story. You heard the beginning of this story which started at the end, now hear the rest. Listen to what happened after the men with the guns burst in on Johnny Marigliano.


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