Late Night Library is back, and Newtown-y, and never not funny-y

The New Conway Dimension










After the pull-out-all-the-stops runaway success of Late Night Library at Surry Hills, including an FBI Radio SMAC Award nomination for Best Arts Event, like any good cult, LNL is back with more branches – this time in Newtown. 2042? 204-you more like it. This time it’s at Newtown Library, a former Salvation Army Hall with a quaint quiet gallery space – and Campfire Collective plan to tear the roof off the sucker with a laughter explosion.

Campfire Collective presents Never Not Funny at Late Night Library, Newtown. Every few weeks Campfire Collective let you sit back and relax and take in a healthy dose of mirth as the laughter monster splits your sides with a fast and furious giggle-fest with the best and brightest in alternative and emerging comedy and some special surprises.

And hold on, let’s not forget, this is all FREE thanks to City of Sydney. So take that hard earned cash, hit our friends at Corridor bar or some such King Street establishment for a drink, get yourself some din dins and then head over to polish the night off with free laughs, wine and cheese.  But don’t forget to BOOK as these things always go quick.

The first announcement for November features the mad and wonderful John Conway; and the weird, casual and dual Smart Casual. Read on my pretties.

Never Not Funny, Wednesday November 14, 8:30pm
The New Conway Dimension feat John Conway & Michael Burke
So What is The New Conway Dimension? It’s like Michael organised a space party and Conway arrived with a variety of lizards and everyone got worried that Conway and the lizards were going to ruin the party; but it turned out that the lizards were amazing DJ’s and Conway is a mad MC. Or as John describes the show, “It’s like if a new bird was found and everyone wanted to be around it all the time.”

Yeah, it’s just like that. Fresh from hit runs at Edinburgh Fringe and London’s Soho Theatre, in just a few years Conway’s unconventional and eccentric approach to comedy has confirmed him as an underground cult hit at international festivals around the world with over-zealous fans and sell out performances.

Best Newcomer Nominee Melbourne Comedy Festival 2011
“This Sh*t is Live” ★★★★ Herald Sun
“Enough bonhomie to bring hilarity to the masses” ★★★★  The List, UK
“Conway simply has funny bones.” Chortle UK
“Demented, in a wonderful way.” The Age

Late Night Library fills up very fast, please book here for Conway

Check out vids of Conway gearing up for Friday Night Dubstep or doing an ad, to get an idea of what you may or may not be in for.

Never Not Funny, Wednesday November 28, 8:30pm
Smart Casual in Childhood

In 50 minutes, Smart Casual will recreate their childhood on stage. They will delve into their past and explore their secret boyish desires. They will look at the fads and the people that made the first part of their life very, very special – wankers. A rollicking referential ride through the best of the 80, 90s and 000s brought to life with the diamond (ok, cubic zirconia) wit of Smart Casual; get ready to relive their unhealthy and damn funny childhood.

‘You won’t have to wait long between laughs in this fast-paced adventure.”
★★★★ Adelaide Advertiser
“Immediately likeable. Aussie laconic humour is alive and well.” The Age

Late Night Library fills up very fast, please book here for Smart Casual


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