Inner West Side Stories

Campfire Collective is proud to announce that thanks to City of Sydney we will be taking Storytelling from the stage to the streets in our new project, Inner West Side Stories.

Inner West Side Stories is a community storytelling project that invites any member of the Inner West community to share their true stories, chapters of their lives, with fellow community members in a workshop environment.

In the cultural tradition of shared oral storytelling we hope to enhance stories to stand the test of time. Professional facilitators will work with storytellers on the theme, shape and structure of their stories to take them from teatime tale to memorable memoir.
By sharing stories around the community campfire, we aim to strengthen community bonds through shared experience and empathy, and to celebrate the myriad demographics of the Inner West.

We’ll also be sharing these stories with the wider community online and live. A selection of stories will be made available for audio download and podcasts, and in early 2011 we will present a once off live Inner West Side Stories storytelling showcase, featuring the end results of stories discovered in the workshops.

To register your interest or find out more email INNER WEST SIDE STORIES to kristal [at]


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