Sydney Fringe


Sydney’s cult live storytelling series takes up residency at Eliza 5, in the  Sydney Fringe Club. Real people tell true stories of their own lives, live. Hot on the tail of New York’s institutional and world famous live storytelling series The Moth, Sydney’s own true story series Storytelling promises straight up, straight forward storytelling at its best: real, raw and honest.

If the last story you heard was by tweet, status update, or SMS, you need this celebration of unashamedly old fashioned storytelling, featuring short true stories shared by four or five storytellers.

Past storytellers have included a nun, a former drug addict, and an East Timorese journalist. Past stories have included first hand experiences of pilots locking themselves out of cockpits, exhuming the family pet and keeping its skull, life as a life model, being fired, addictions, and rehab to name a few. Recent notable storytellers have included actress Virginia Gay, and international comedian DeAnne Smith, as seen on Good News Week.

Sep 11, 2:00pm (finished)
Sep 18, 2:00pm (finished)

Sep 25, 2:00pm

Michael Chamberlin – comedian, storyteller extraordinaire and comic writer for Can of Worms, Rove, GlassHouse, In Gordon St Tonight.
Johnny Marigliano – the most Brooklyn man you could meet, with tale of true Brooklyn crime: Gangsters, hoodlums, shylocks, and Pizza.
Zuzi Fort – from refugee camps to Miss Fitness Australia.
Plus Marc Carra & Pete Lead.

Oct 2, 2:00pm
Jack Tsonis did something very naughty whilst working for Telstra and the boss found out. It became company history, and you’ll laugh when you found out what it was. More storytellers to be announced.

5 Eliza – Fringe Club, 5 Eliza St (behind the Zanzibar Hotel)

Ghost Stories

Bring a picnic blanket or low chairs to gather near the old brick kilns in Sydney Park and get spooked with some spine-tingling storytelling around the campfire. All true tales of course …

Sep 23 – 24, 7:00pm & 9:00pm
Oct 1 – 2, 7:00pm & 9:00pm

7pm – Scaredy-cats, scary (and silly) stories for families and little ones and the more faint heart.

9pm – I’m Not Scared, scary stories for adults and those who like a fright!


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